Sample Memo Template Letter


Geoffrey Lap

Simpson Lee Consultants

California, US – 367496


Ryan McCarthy.

Magnum Technologies

No. 4 Baker Street, London


Subject: Inspection Conducted in the Company

I am writing this memorandum to ensure the arrangements of Inspection conducted on 27.01.2012 in your organization. I would request you all to submit the updated documents and details about the sales and income of the company. The main reason for the arrangements of this instant inspection is to get the actual records for making some changes in the management group of the company.

Thus, I would like to request all to do the necessary arrangements. Geoffrey can take in charge of all the tasks in the company within the given period. As the top experts of the company are conducting this inspection, we would like to see a satisfied feedback from the company.

We would like to get the arrangement details within next two working days.

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1 sharif hossain 08.17.16 at 8:32 am

request review of perfomance

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