Touching Letter to Dad from a Son on Father’s Day

For a father, a letter from his son can mean the most beautiful present on Father’s Day. If you are thinking about what to gift your dad this Father’s Day then you write a beautiful letter to dad expressing your feelings and love to him. Make it a special one for him with touching letter to dad from son. Write things to him that you have never expressed to him with Father’s Day letter. Just like a Father’s Day letter to my son, you can have a Father’s Day letter to dad. A Happy Father’s Day letter from son can make every dad a happy one.

Shared below is a sample Father’s Day letter. You can use this Father’s Day letter template to create your own. Follow this Father’s Day letter from son and pen down your own.

Sample Father’s Day Letter from Son

Dearest Dad,

Happy Father’s Day to you!!!

I may not tell you that very often but I love you the most and you really inspire me. When I was a kid, I would always find you so strict compared to all the other dads of my friends and I used to feel that you are so unfair but now that I am a grown up guy, I realize that you were probably the best dad because you were doing the right things. And I am really thankful that you never stopped doing those things.

Though we meet very often but I still want to meet you more because I have started to realize that whenever I spend time with you, the child inside me is so happy and man on the outside has so much to learn. I must admit that I have never enjoyed your company more than what I am enjoying these days and I feel that’s because we both have started to understand each other much better and I feel that this was the kind of relationship I always wanted to have with you.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, I just want to wish you all the happiness and this world and want to promise you that I am always going to be there for you. No matter how old you get, how difficult you become, you will always have me by your side because you are the man who inspires me.

With lots of love,


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