Sample Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:


This letter is in reference to the job application of Ms. Cynthia Russell in your organization.


She worked with me at ‘Capital Corp’ for four years.

I am highly satisfied with her performance as an ‘Office Assistant’. She was a dedicated and sincere employee of this company. She would always complete her assignments in time.

She has a very positive attitude and helping nature. She was very co-operative to all the staff here. She would take initiative for a lot of things. She was a real multi-tasking person and would handle and complete different tasks at one time.

I would say that she was a true asset to this company and really contributed to our success for these years.

She was excellent at both levels, professional and personal. She will definitely add value to any company she goes to.

So, I am pleased to recommend Ms. Cynthia Russell in your company.



Melvin Andrews
(Sales Manger)

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