Sample Employee Reference Letter


Mr. Shawn Rivera
Higginbottom Corp.
41, Grace Ave
Carlson St., New York – 45216


Mr. Jesse Wright
Personnel Manager
Campton Data Solutions
41, Green Enc.,
Kings St., New York – 41523

March 18, 0012


Dear Mr. Rivera,

This letter is in reference to the job application of Mr. Jay Osborne for the position of ‘Accounts Manager’ in your company.

I request you to please treat this letter with high confidentiality – only people involved in the recruitment process should have access to this information and it should not be disclosed to anyone outside your organization, unless Mr. Osborne gives his written consent for it.

Jay has worked with our company, ‘Higginbottom Corp’ for three years. Jay was working with us in the capacity of ‘Accounts Assistant’. During the last three years, he acquired wide knowledge and improved his working skills and now he is really capable of working in the capacity of Accounts Manager in your company.

In our company, Jay would handle book keeping, credit of salaries, & journal preparation etc-etc. His last gross salary was $4000.

Jay is a good accountant. He was a sincere and hard working employee of our company. He was very dedicated to his work and was very professional.

So, I recommend him for this open position in your company.

Please feel free to contact me, should you need any additional information about Jay Osborne.


Mr. Shawn Rivera
Higginbottom Corp.

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