Sample Cover Letter Reference Letter

Job Application Cover Letter

Mr. Sean Ross
Music Promoter
Ross Orchestra
54, Madison Enc
Roman St, New York – 45216

Mrs. Amanda Perry
Kings Entertainment
25, Jim’s Place,
49th St., New York – 45265

April 14, 2012


Dear Mrs. Perry,

I have come to know that you are looking for an experienced music promoter for your company.

I would like to tell you that I have over ten years of experience in this field. Over these years, I have worked with many famous artists and have successfully organized hundreds of shows all over the country.

In all my contracts, I make sure that a large number of people attend the show, beneficial for both the parties. Recently, I organized a musical show where over 40,000 people were present. The house was full and we were able to save a hefty amount of money for donations.

I hope that you would like to meet me for once to discuss your plans. I am available for a meeting as per your convenience.

I wait for your response.



Sean Ross

Ross Orchestra

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