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Cover Letter Reference Letter

Sample Cover Letter Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012

Job Application Cover Letter

Mr. Sean Ross
Music Promoter
Ross Orchestra
54, Madison Enc
Roman St, New York – 45216

Mrs. Amanda Perry
Kings Entertainment
25, Jim’s Place,
49th St., New York – 45265

April 14, 2012


Dear Mrs. Perry,

I have come to know that you are looking for an experienced music promoter for your company.

I would like to tell you that I have over ten years of experience in this field. Over these years, I have worked with many famous artists and have successfully organized hundreds of shows all over the country.

In all my contracts, I make sure that a large number of people attend the show, beneficial for both the parties. Recently, I organized a musical show where over 40,000 people were present. The house was full and we were able to save a hefty amount of money for donations.

I hope that you would like to meet me for once to discuss your plans. I am available for a meeting as per your convenience.

I wait for your response.



Sean Ross

Ross Orchestra

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