Sample Landlord Reference Letter


Hugh Mathews
55, Munroe Residential Society
Arthur St, New York – 45125



Mrs. Rita Samson
254, West Ave
1st Crossing, Hill St
New York, NY – 45216

July 12, 2012


Dear Mrs. Samson,

This is to confirm that Mr. Finley is a tenant of 15, Munroe Residential Society, C-Block, Arthur St, New York.

Mr. Finley pays a rent of $500 every month for a two bedroom apartment. He has been living in this house for the past two years.

Kenny Finley and all his family members are very good. He pays his rent on time, except the month he lost his job.

Mr. Finley keeps the surroundings very clean and he always takes care of neighbor’s comfort – he never plays loud music and doesn’t do anything that disturbs anyone living close to his apartment. He has a pet, but ‘Tommy’, his dog has never created any problem for anyone residing in neighborhood.

We have received a one month notice from Mr. Finley about his plan to change house and, we will refund him his rent deposit when he leaves.

You can contact me for further information about Mr. Finley & his family.



Hugh Mathews

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