Sample Nanny Reference Letter

Mrs. Martha Ford
Caring Nannies
45, Fourth Cross,
Hutchinson Dr
Washington D.C. – 41526

Mr. Dave Stephens
Apt.25, Ruby’s Residency
Golden Palm Dr,
Washington D.C. – 45216

June 14, 2012


Dear Mr. Stephens,

I am writing in reference to the job application of Ms. Elena Joseph for the post Nanny in your home.

Elena has worked with us for many years. Our agency has helped her get jobs with many families. She has great experience as a Nanny with different ages of children.

She has many qualities that make her a perfect Nanny. She is very caring and understanding. With years of experience, she now understands the behavior of children of all ages very easily.

She knows it well that how to raise a child efficiently. She is a responsible Nanny. Over these years, we never received any complaint about her from any of our clients. Elena has received recognition from many clients. She is also a good teacher and goes out of her way to help children with their home-work and prepare for the exams.

She treats all children like her own and guides them on different issues, from personal to social. Elena advises children on their behavior during puberty and guides them to handle different things in life.

So, because of her great qualities, I happily recommend her. She will be a great help to your child and your family.


Mrs. Martha Ford
Caring Nannies

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