Sample Reference Letter for a Friend Letter


Mrs. Anna Benson

Manager – (Operations)
Avalanche Corp.

25, Dale St, Chicago IL – 4526,

May 14, 2012


To whom it may concern:


I hereby confirm that I know ‘Ms. Sylvia Thomas’, she was working with me at Avalanche Corp.

Sylvia worked with me for almost three years and we were very close.

About her qualities as an employee, I would like to mention here that she is a very professional and responsible person.

While working in this company, she was an approachable person to all her colleagues. She was a hard-working and outstanding employee of this organization. She would always participate in our corporate events and would coordinate all things on her own. She would take initiative for a lot of things in office and people would look up to her for help.

Sylvia has a very positive attitude towards work and she always inspired others in our organization. She will be a true asset to any company she works for in the future.

You can contact me for further information about Ms. Sylvia Thomas.



Mrs. Anna Benson

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