Sample Scholarship Reference Letter


Mr. Edward Harrison

Chemistry Professor,
Gates College
2nd Cross, Ferguson Dr,
Los Angeles, C.A. – 45263


Mr. Patrick Cox

The Principal,
Osborne University
45, Carlson St, Logan Dr,
Los Angeles, C.A. – 45263

May 17, 2012


Dear Mr. Cox,

I am writing in to recommend a student of our institution, ‘Gates College’ for your annual scholarship program.

Bryan Jobs, with Chemistry in major, is a very talented student of our college. He topped in all his semesters.

I have been teaching Bryan Jobs for the past three years. He is really a genius and always gets good grades in the exams. He has won many competitions on both state and national level. Apart from his studies, he is also very good at sports. He participates in many extra curricular activities in our institution. He is a good basketball player.

Bryan efficiently manages his time for studies and other activities. He is also very co-operative and supports his friends.

I am highly confident that Bryan will achieve new heights of success in the future.

So, I am pleased to recommend him for your scholarship program.

If you need any additional information about Bryan, you can contact me.



Edward Harrison

(Chemistry Professor)
Gates College

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