Writing A Retirement Letter

Introduction: ‘Retirement’ means finishing full-time employment on reaching a fixed age laid down by an organization or due to personal reasons.

Types of Retirement: The retirement letter has to conform to one of the following reasons for retirement and illuminate the key issues shown here-in:-

  • Retirement on Superannuation. The retirement letter should thank the Management and colleagues for their guidance, support and co-operation which helped in a happy and satisfying career.
  • Retirement due to poor health. The retirement letter should specifically mention that you were happy and contented in the service of the Company and would have continued but because of your poor health conditions, you can’t continue.
  • Retirement due to Self-actualization. The retirement letter should specifically mention your innate desire to accomplish your ambitions elsewhere but for which, you were supremely happy with the association.

Conclusion: You owe your employer the courtesy of writing a retirement letter and quit on good terms.

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  1. Hi,

    I need a retirement letter will tell that I’m resigning due to some financial problems (I’m in big debts after seconded to another Power Station cos I had to pay for everything cos i asked for it), family problems, etc


    Thembinkosi Mavimbela


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