Cute Romantic letter


Allen Paine
12, Rosewood Heights
Queen’s Dr,
New York – 45213

Linda Perez
241, Peninsula Enc
Nr. Palm St. 1st Cross.
New York – 45213

April 14, 2012


My Dear Linda,

As you may know that I am not coming to college these days, I wanted to share my feelings with you.

I am missing you a lot. I have not seen you for many days for now and nothing interests me anymore. I know exams are approaching, but I really cannot concentrate on studies as all I think is about you. In fact, anything beautiful reminds me of you.

Today, the whether is so beautiful and I wish you were here in my arms. Through my window, it seems that the winds are teasing the trees and the trees are really enjoying it. I imagine the same for us.

I cannot wait anymore to see you. I will come to college tomorrow to hug you and kiss you. After college, we will go for a movie and then to a good restaurant.

I love you so much my love.

See you tomorrow.


Truly Yours,

Allen Paine

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