Distant Romantic Letter


Gina Mathews
15, Barton Ave
Perth – 45256

14, February, 2012


My Sweetheart Gina,


I just wanted to thank God for giving me such a beautiful girl to love and be loved.

You are the reason behind the smile on my lips and in my life.

I am missing you a lot as you are out of town. I am waiting for you impatiently as I want to hug you and sit & talk to you for hours.

It’s you who has given me so many happy memories to cherish in my life. You supported me whenever I needed you and you gave me strength to face many different challenges and better myself and my life.

Since you have come in my life, there are no more boring moments and dull life. I enjoy each and every day of my life with your love.

I treasure you and your true love for me.

I thank God for giving me such a loving soul.

Love, I am waiting for you, please come back soon as I cannot live without you anymore.


Yours truly,
Donald Rose

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