Emotional Romantic Letter



My dear love,

I am writing this letter to tell you that how much I am missing you these days. I am here miles apart from you, missing you every moment.

Since the first day we met years ago, we were never far from each other. And, now going through these days is really difficult for me. I would say that God has put our love to test, and I am sure that we will pass this test.

I want to say that in the past, I may have hurt you many times, but I really never meant it from my heart. Sometimes things go out of control and I react that way, it’s just that and nothing else. And, when I hurt you unintentionally, I feel very bad later and my heart cries out for you.

Love, I will be back very soon. I have convinced my family to return to our city, but it may take another few months.

I love you a lot and will come to you soon.


Forever Yours,

Alberto Stones

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