Expressive Romantic Letter


Kristy Duncan
13, Rosemary Garden Enc.
Reeves St., New York – 41786

March 10, 2012


My Dear love,

Hope this letter finds you in the best of your health.

It feels so lonely here in Chicago without you. I am on family vacation and there is so much to see and enjoy here, but without you nothing interests me.

You are a fresh breath of air to me; you are the moon, the stars and a lot to me.

I remember that my life was nothing, but a real boredom when you were not with me. I was an average guy with nothing interesting in my life. But, since you came into my life, everything has changed and I am really loving my life and enjoying it.

I feel so much happy when I spend time with you. You make me feel complete and you make me happy. It’s you who has brought love and care in my life. You have filled my life with love, joy and enthusiasm.

I treasure you as you are my true love. I am going to take care of you all my life.

I thank you for coming into my life.

‘Will you marry me sweetheart?’


Only yours,

Hugh Ramos

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