Poetic Romantic Letter


Ms. Shania Mason
2nd Year – B.Com
Marilyn Arts College
Tampa – 41523

April 14, 2012


My lovely sweetheart,

Are you still angry with me?

I want to say that I no longer have any grudge in my heart. I want to forget that incident.

Love, there are misunderstandings between all couples and we are not an exception. No matter how long the argument was between us, I still love you and love you from my heart.

And, I don’t have words to explain my love for you and how bad I am feeling to treat you that way.

Further, I want to say that I cannot bear the pain of living apart from you anymore. I have only loved one girl and that’s you. I am sorry for my words and I will try my best to make thing better again like it was in the past. Since the day we had a fight, something is eating me deep inside my heart.

I know I was wrong and I am paying the price by having this distance between us.

I again say that you are the only girl in my life. This distance between us is giving me so much pain and distress and I cannot bear it anymore. I still love you truly and want you back with me.

I really miss you a lot. Please forgive me and come back to me.


Yours truly,

Adrian Miles

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