Romantic Birthday Letter

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My Dear Sophie,


The first thing that I want to say in this letter is that I am really sorry for not attending your birthday two days back.

Actually, I was not in the town. I had to go for an important business meeting.

But, darling I always miss you when I am not with you. You are the most important person in my life and there are many reasons behind truth.

I am really sorry to not to be with you on your birthday. If I was there, I would have made it bigger for you.

If I was with you that day, I would have taken you to the beach; we would walk along for an hours holding each other’s hands.

We would stare at the stars and then at the midnight, I would present you with a beautiful diamond ring. You would cut your favorite strawberry cake and I would sing a song for you.

Also, I would play guitar for you. And, of course, we would drink a tasty bottle of wine on that very special day my love.


Sweetie, I promise that I won’t miss your next birthday, no matter how busy I will be.


Only yours,

Everett Mills

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