Press Release Merger Letter

Press Release: Merger


[DATE, ex. Saturday, February 2, 2012]




[Company, ex. Bright star Computer Networks] and [Second Company, ex. Silicon International] are proud to announce a merger, which will take effect on [DATE, ex. February 29, 2012] to form a new Company [New Company, Fairmont Solutions].


[Mention the reasons of the merger, ex. This merger will give expertise of two major network technology firms, in an effort to cater and produce a superior line of processors with new technology.]  [ALSO MENTION THE BACKGROUNDS OF THE COMPANY, ex. Bright star Computer Networks is the producer of the widely-used unique Line of processors, which have dominated the mainframe market for the past five years. Silicon International specializes in technological consulting; it boasts a staff of well-recognized electrical engineers, most renown for their work on the M4 line of processors. They both are pioneers in their field.]


The new firm, [MERGED FIRM, Fairmont Solutions]’s main branch office will be situated at [ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NUMBER, ex. 101, Canon City, Colorado-81212. 1800- 444-6124].

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