Press Release New Central Office Letter

Press Release: New Central Office


[DATE, ex. Saturday, February 4, 2012]




[FIRM, ex. Vincent Industries] has shifted its main branch office from [OLD CITY, ex. California] to [NEW CITY, New York].  The new address is:



563, Amityville,

New York 11701]


{MENTION REASON FOR SHIFT, ex. Due to rapid expansion in New York, the shift was done primarily to maximize proximity to Vincent customer base. Customer support and investor relations will be provided from this new office.}

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Top Sample Letters Terms:

1 imran 11.07.13 at 7:54 am

I already got a tamparayri approval from central bank for open new money exchange branch. I want to write a letter to central bank for permanent approval for our branch. I request you to please help me for write this letter.
(example of request letter for permanent approval for new branch)

2 tenaui africa limited 02.08.15 at 1:56 pm

I already get an approval from my office to open an outlet @ close by state. I want to write a letter to Tenaui Africa limited for an approval for new branch. Pleas help me to write this letter

3 Dipo 07.23.15 at 6:57 pm

Our organization has about 20 branches spread across different State in my country. The two biggest branches are located in the Head Office premises and we need to relocate them to locations close to the customers and market in the territories they cover. i need to write a position paper which management would present to the board for approval. please help with this

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