Solicit Sales Call Letter

Solicit Sales Call


[DATE, ex. Thursday, February 2, 2012]



Sean Peterson


123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code]


Dear [Name, ex. Sean Peterson],


I would like to present to our [product/service] which [STATE HOW PRODUCT/SERVICE WILL BENEFIT THE PROSPECTIVE CLIENT, ex. has the PROSPECTIVE to reduce your manufacturing costs by up to 30% and increase your profits by the same figure.]


[STATE WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE PROSPECTIVE CLIENT AND STATE THE PROBLEM WHICH YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE SOLVES], ex. Being in the television manufacturing business, I am certain that you agree with me that labor costs comprise a large portion of the total costs. Nonetheless, these large expenses reveal an opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits.]


[COMMENCE YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE AND STATE PARTICULARLY HOW IT WILL GAIN THE PROSPECTIVE CLIENT, ex. Our firm has developed a compressor, the LED, which is exclusively designed to lower the amount of labor involved in the manufacturing process.  Specifically, the LED reduces the need for specialized lathe and tool operators required in the traditional manufacturing process.] [MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT STATE ALL THE INFORMATION OF YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE; INSTEAD OFFER TO MEET WITH THE CLIENT TO INFORM HIM/HER OF THE SPECIFICS]


I understand you keep a busy schedule, I will be very glad to meet with you at your convenience to discuss exactly how [STATE PRODUCT/SERVICE, ex. our LED technology] can benefit you {and your firm}.

I can be reached at 345-695-0042 or [email protected]

Thank you very much for your time.  Would be looking forward to your response at the earliest.


Yours faithfully,


[SENDER’S NAME, ex. Bob Travolta]

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