Sympathy Letter Format

Receiver’s Name

Receiver’s full Address

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. (Recipient’s Name),

The introductory Paragraph should include your source of information of getting to know the reason of empathy. Articulate your feelings in the form of grief and pain to know about the sad news. Show your respect and deep sorrow to the sufferer. Make sure you always write this paragraph very clearly so that there is no miscommunication. Never use any straight forward word as the letter should be filled with compassion.

Next paragraph, try to support the person and make him understand about the fact of life, using some live examples. Also, ask the recipient if he/ she need any kind of help.

Close the third section by mentioning deep sympathy from your family as well. Offer your all time support in terms of financial help and emotional hold. Provide your contact number and email- id to maintain your contact with the receiver.

Close the letter with regards.

Sender’s Name

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