Sympathy Letter

Mr. Wilson Gayle

2130, Clarence Avenue,


Arlington, VA 22261

Dear Mr. Gayle,

I felt extremely remorseful after reading your letter saying that you were suffering from such a painful disease. Last time when I met you, couple of months back, you seemed to be well and healthy. I wish I was there to take care of you. I can understand your feelings and situations which you must be going through.

I know you are strong person and nonetheless it’s just a matter of sometime as you are on initial stage where this disease can be cured by consulting a good neurologist. I request you to take best treatment and don’t be negligent. So remember, I am always thinking about you and I am praying to God for your good health.

Please do let me if you need any financial help and I will be always there to support you. I cannot be there in person, but my good wishes are always there for you.

Yours truly,

Geoffrey Lap

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