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How to Write a Resignation Letter

How to Write a Resignation Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012

Resignation Letter


A resignation letter is a formal letter written by an employee (who is leaving the job) to the company management. A resignation letter informs the management about an employee’s decision to quit the job in an official and professional manner.

Through a resignation letter, an employee informs their management about the decision & reasons behind it, and the date to resign. This letter is usually addressed to the immediate superior or the human resources or personnel department of an organization.

This letter states that an employee is resigning from their position with an advance notice period and informs of any unfinished official works.

Writing a resignation letter before quitting a job is beneficial for an employee – it leaves good remarks in your relieving letter & other documents. If an employee did not like anything related to their job or about the management, they should still write an official resignation letter. In fact, a humble resignation letter can really help you solve an issue because of which you are resigning from your job.

A resignation letter should be concise and professional. Your resignation letter should show correct attitude to create positive impact on your employer.


Few Important Things for Resignation Letter

•Show satisfaction with the employer.

•Thank the company for whatever you gained working

•Write that you will guide & train your replacement and, complete the pending works

•Show positive attitude & courtesy.

This site helps you write a professional resignation letter by providing you with samples of great resignation letters.

At this site, you will find resignation letters for different reasons, from job change to relocation.

An employer appreciates the attitude of an employee towards the company who submits an official resignation letter. It really leaves a positive impact and you too can create such impact through a resignation letter.

Download Sample How to Write a Resignation Letter In Word Format

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