Simple Distributor Agreement Letter

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Mr. Mark Robinson

Managing Director,

Prime Milkmen Inc.

FL 10980, USA


Dear Sir,

Sub- Agreement letter for choosing as national distributor

The agreement made between Prime Milkmen Inc and Portman Perishable Distributors dated 9/20/2011 for the next 6 months.

According to the agreement Portman Perishable Distributor has been appointed as the national distributor of the products of your company. We are responsible for making a distribution of at least of $200 everyday. Being perishable in nature the products must be delivered to different shops in different states within a short span of time.

We will also be responsible for the transportation of the products from Company’s warehouse to the retailer.

For this Prime Milkmen Inc will reward us with the margin of 7% on the selling price. If we are able to reduce the wastage of products to zero percent then you will reward us with an extra margin of 2% on the selling price.

Please counter sign if you are agreed with this letter.

Yours Truly,

Adam Portman

Proprietor, Portman Perishable Distributors

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