Sample Referral Application Letter

August 27, 2010

Mr. Mayank Patel

Metabolt Private Limited

23, Ankleshwar Road,

Surat- 236745

Ref:  Kartik Patel (Worked as accountant from 1998-2003).

Dear Sir,

This is n reference to issue a letter of referral. I wish to apply for the post of finance advisor in HDFC Bank.  Along with various other documents, they have requested for testimonials.  I would be indebted if you will issue a letter of referral.

The job in Metabolt Pvt. Ltd. was my first experience and it was you who taught me with all the proficiency that I have now.  I believe I have always been an honest and sincere employee in your esteemed company and that you were always satisfied. Since I have worked for four years in your company, I believe you’ll be the best person to recommend in referrals. I hope you will not disappoint me and will say all that you can in my favor.

I will always remember with gratefulness, my days of apprenticeship and employment with you.


Yours Faithfully,


Shreyan Upadhyaya

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