Referring a Friend for a Job Sample Letter Template 

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Refer a Friend for a Job Letter Template
Referral Letter for a Friend for a Job

References are common in professional world. If there is an opening in your company and you feel that some of your friend or family member is suitable for the profile then you can always refer them. The referral letter template can be used for writing a letter of recommendation for a friend and colleague. The employee referral example is simple and includes a little detailing about the candidate.

In this post, we have come up with a referral letter template referring a friend for a job letter. You can use this refer a friend letter template to create a customized letter.

Refer a Friend for a Job Letter Template


Adam Black

99, Richmond Town

New York

Date: Master 14th, 2022


Mr. Henry Brown

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

Dear Mr. Henry,

As you are looking for suitable candidates for the profile of Project Managers, I would like to put forward the name of a friend of mine, Anthony Gibbs. He is going to be submitting his job application for the profile by the end of this week.

Anthony is a committed and dedicated person. Having known him since our college days, he is a hard working and focused person who always puts forward his work. He is always punctual and is always ready to take initiatives. He has performed many leadership roles since college and has been working as a team leader from last three years.

During his career, he has faced many challenging situations and he has always dealt with them with confidence and dedication. There have been many instances wherein he has been awarded with “Best Employee” because of his good work.

I strongly feel that Anthony is going to be a strong candidate for this profile. He has performed many leadership roles and has worked under strict timelines. Please let me know if you have any queries about Anthony’s role and experience.

Thanking you.


Adam Black

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