Employee Appreciation Email on Occasion of Work Anniversary

Employee Appreciation Email on Occasion of Work Anniversary

When an employee completes a certain number of years with the organization then it is certainly an occasion to make him feel important and what’s better than words of appreciation on this important day. This kind of thank you letter to employees means a lot and surely touches their heart.

Have a look at the employee appreciation email example that you can use for drafting a personalized employee appreciation email on occasion of work anniversary with ease and comfort.

Employee Appreciation Email on Occasion of Work Anniversary

Dear Richard,

Congratulating on completing ten years with Zenith Technologies.

Ten years is a long time and we thank you for sticking with our company for such a long time and contributing to the successful story of Zenith Technologies by working to the best of your abilities.

It is because of your attitude, approach and dedication towards your work that you have been able to successfully complete all the projects that were handed to you. For all these years, you have always made us proud and have won our appreciation.

We are truly fortunate to have an employee like you who always puts the organization before himself. Thank you and wishing you good luck for coming year.


Adam Smith


Zenith Technologies

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