Sample High School Graduation Congratulations Letter

Diana Pat,

83, Dade,

Miami Dade-10003

January 12, 2013

Johnny Walker,

64, Tamiami Valley,

Florida- 33303

Dear Johnny,

I would like to pass on my good wishes to you on your triumphant success of high school program. This morning I received the good news from your dad when I called him. I realized that you were celebrating on with your friends.

I am really interested to know moving forward what are your plans. I hope that we get together soon and celebrate your success again. I know that it is all the result of your hard work and devotion towards your studies. I hope that you will continue the same in your future.

Keep it up pal. I hope that you will accomplish many more milestones in your career like this one. Good luck for future and once again good job!

Thank You,

Yours Sincerely,

Diana Pat

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