Sample Excessive Use of Expense Account Letter

Excessive Use of Expense Account –

[Name, Designation, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


This is in reference to our conversation on [date here].You worked really hard for this company, and this is the reason we provided you with an expense account six months ago, so that you can perform better and increase the productivity in business. The dispensation also saved you precious time and the settlement hassles.Regrettably, we have found that the expense account allocated to you have exceeded its limits in the last [duration] – $[amount] in the month of [month name], $[amount] in the month of [month name] and $[amount] in the month of [month name].

Further, I want to tell you that we have observed that the monthly expenses in other similar position employees’ accounts have never gone beyond $[amount] in a month.In case an unexpected condition in your department is the reason behind my concern, please inform me of the situation immediately, and I will deal with the situation. Otherwise, I have confidence in you for the appropriate resolution to this matter in a fast and brilliant manner which you are known for in this organization.



[Your name]


Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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