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Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Need of Public Park

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Letter Format to Municipal Commissioner For Public Park
Letter to Municipal Commissioner For Public Park

Public park is of extreme importance and if your community does not have one then you can always write a letter for necessity of public park and gardens to the concerned department. Just like a park maintenance complaint letter, you can also write a letter to the commissioner of municipal for the same.

In this post, we have come up with a complaint letter to municipal commissioner for need of public park. You can also write a letter to the municipal commissioner pointing out the need for a public library in your area just like the need of public park.

Letter Format to Municipal Commissioner For Public Park Need


Ron Smith

54, Model Town

New York

Date: April 16th, 2022


The Municipal Commissioner

Municipal Commission

New York

Dear Sir,

I, Ron Smith, am a resident of Model Town. On behalf of the residents of our society, I am writing this letter to request you to kindly construct a public park in our area.

As you know that public parks are an important and indispensable necessity of any society. And with industrialization and urbanization taking place around us at a rapid speed, the green patch in the cities has shrunk to these parks which play an important role in our health and wellness. The public parks are not only a place of change for people from all age groups but they are also a place to relax and breathe fresh air.

We all know that excise and play are very important for the development of children and therefore, public parks are a big necessity. Children not only learn to play but they also learn to meet people and make friends at places like these. Parks are helpful in the physical as well as mental development of children. Not only that, parks also play a significant role in the health and happiness of the elderly people in the society.

Considering so many benefits of public parks, it is very important to have a park in every society. Therefore, I request you to please consider this request of constructing a park in our society so that each and every person can benefit and we can enjoy a healthy environment amidst the concrete jungle.

Thanking in anticipation.


Ron Smith

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