Sample Distribution Agreement Letter

To, Mr. Bob Travolta, Star Cosmetic Products, New York-10132 USA 9/20/2011 Dear Sir, Sub- Agreement letter confirming the Distribution agreement Ref- Letter dated 3/10/2011 asking confirmation for the agreement. We will be pleased to go ahead in performing the distribution agreement from our side which has been made between Star Cosmetic Products and New York … Read more

Sample Sale Agreement Letter

From, Peter Grant, Head of Sales Department, Royal Stationary, Dallas To, Mrs. Caroline Jose, Principal, Texas High School, Dallas Dear Mrs. Jose, I hope this letter finds you in good spirit. As you must be aware that the agreement is approaching its expiry and shall end in the last week of this month. We have … Read more

Sample Non disclosure Agreement Letter

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT BETWEEN: Sun Sourcing, Inc. AND: SST Global Inc. 359, Daisy Ave, Phoenix, AZ, USA Attention: Mr. Shane Samuels Tel: 523-695-8963 RE: SST Global Inc. (The “Company”) Sun Sourcing, Inc. has requested for some information (the “Information”) that are associated with the Company, which the Company considers as confidential and valuable. As part of … Read more