Sample Apartment Lease Agreement Letter

From, Mr. David Larry, C-104, Bright Apartments, Bridgeton Drive, London To, Mr. Peter Fredrick, C-105, Bright Apartments, Bridgeton Drive, London Dear Mr. Fredrick, I hope this letter finds you in good spirit. As you must be aware that the leasing agreement for the apartment is approaching its expiry and shall end in the last week … Read more

Sample Agreement on Consulting Letter

1. McKinsey Consulting (hereafter called Contractor) agrees to give the following products and services to Shine Media Works (hereafter called Client): A. Information gathering: Contractor can review the relevant information compiled by the Client: 1. Information on attendance of earlier events 2. Samples of the past promotional pieces or timely media & press coverage 3. … Read more

Sample Write Admission Letter

From, Mr. David Beck, 215, Sunshine Apartments, Bridgetown Boulevard, Edinburgh To, Mr. Alan Scott, Principal, Edinburgh Institute of Business Studies, Edinburgh Dear Mr. Scott, This application letter is intended for admission in your esteemed institution for the course of Masters in Business Studies. I have completed my schooling from the Massachusetts High School and have … Read more

School Admission Request Letter

From, Maria Patson, 21B, Main Street, California-81886 USA To, Principal, St. Peters High School, California-81892 USA Dear Sir, Sub-Request Letter for the Admission of My Daughter I, Maria Patson, mother of Ms. Claire Patson would like to request you for her admission in your school in grade 7. She has been a bright student all … Read more

Sample College Admission Letter

From, Catherine Jose 1411, Queens Ave New Jersey To, Mr. Russell Bush Dean-Admissions Manhattan School of Business New York 20 September, 2011. Dear Mr. Russell, I am Catherine Jose, a business graduate from the Canada University and would like to pursue my Masters in International Business from your eminent institution. Enclosed is the copy of … Read more

Sample Admissions Counselor Cover Letter

George Moss 236 Allens Drive Los Angeles, CA 91989 (313) 044-1198 Email: [email protected] September 20, 2011 Mrs. Elizabeth Peterson Texas State University 067 Princeton Drive Houston, TX 75042 Dear Mrs. Peterson, This letter is regarding the vacant posts of Admission Counselor in the Texas State University. I saw the advertisement on the website. Given … Read more

Sample Admission Letter

From, Harold Atkins 5156, Golden Ave New York September 20, 2011 To, Prof. Walter Simons Dean New York University New York Dear Mr. Simons I am writing this letter in reference to my admission confirmation for the Masters degree in Mass communication from the New York University. While I am absolutely thrilled about this news, … Read more