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Referral Email Format

Employee Referral Email to HR – Sample Format

by emily on March 10, 2022

employee referral email to hr sample
Employee Referral Email Example

There are some companies that allow the employees for referring the candidates for the job in the company and even if your company does not then you can always refer a suitable candidate for the opening after discussing the same with the Human Resource department of your organization. The employee referral email to HR sample has been drafted for the same purpose. This referring a friend for a job letter is designed for referring someone you know. The job referral email template, format can be used for making a referral.

In this post, we have come up with employee referral email sample for friend and family member. You can use this employee referral example for creating a letter on your own.

Sample Employee Referral Email Format To HR

Date: March 10th, 2022

Dear Samantha,

As discussed over the phone with you, I would like to refer my sister Ms. Susan Smith for the position of Marketing Manager with Zenith Technologies.

Susan has been working as a Deputy Marketing Manager with Outgrow Systems, New York from last three years. In her career of eight years, she has been a hard working and dedicated employees to companies she has worked with and has been an impressive performer. I hope she has the required qualification and skills that you are looking for a Marketing Manager in our company.

Please find attached the resume of Susan with the mail. Kindly consider her for the profile if you find her suitable.


Mathew Gibbs

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