Internship Letter Format from Company to Students

If a student has been selected for internship program then the company is supposed to inform the student by writing internship confirmation letter from company to student. It is a simple letter which acts as joining letter for internship and includes all the terms and conditions in relation with the internship program. The internship offer letter format is simple and works as a contract between the company and the student over internship.

This post includes a sample internship letter from company to student. You can use this formal internship letter format from company to students to create a customized draft for your organization.

Sample Internship letter from Company to Students


Samantha Brown

HR Manager

Excel Technologies

New York

Date: December 22, 2021


Mr. Joseph Smith

42, Richmond Road

New York

Dear Joseph,

We are pleased to confirm your selection for the internship program at Excel Technologies. You have been selected for internship with the Marketing Department and you will be working as Marketing Internee under the supervision of Mr. Mathew Jacob.

The tenure of internship with Excel Technologies is six months and will start from January 1st, 2022 and will end on June 30th, 2022. During your internship, you will be paid an amount of $ 500 every month which will be inclusive of all the benefits like conveyance, meals etc.

At the end of the internship, you will be required to submit a copy of your project report, the topic and timeline of which will be shared by your supervisor on the day of your joining. On successful completion the six months of internship program and after submitting the project report, you will be awarded with a completion certificate that can be used for your recruitments in future.

During the internship, you may come across confidential information about Excel Technologies. By accepting this offer, you acknowledge and agree that you will not be using this information for personal use and will not be disclosing it to anyone.

Excel Technologies also reserves the right to terminate the internship without any prior notice. In case you are found to not follow the terms and conditions mentioned in this letter or you are found breaching confidentiality or not following the rules and regulations set by the organization then the company has all the rights to terminate your internship with immediate effect.

In case, you have any queries about the offer letter then please get in touch with Mr. Simon Gibbs at 9898989898 or mail at [email protected]. If you accept the offer then please sign the duplicate copy of the offer and send it before December 31st, 2021 as a token of acceptance.

We are happy to have you work with us.


Samantha Brown

HR Manager

Excel Technologies

New York

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