Tips for Writing an Internship Offer Letter

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Internship Offer Letter Writing Tips, Appointment Guidelines
Internship Offer Letter Tips

Internship is an important format which helps students as well as prospective job candidates to get exposure to the real world where they will get to work. It is a way to gain knowledge and learn skills that are needed in the workplace. If a student or internee gets selected, he or she needs to be informed the same using the internship offer letter. There are Unpaid Intern Appointment Letter and paid internship offer letters that are designed as per the company policy.

In this post, we have come up with the important tips to create an effective internship offer letter. Keep in mind these guidelines to make sure that you create a professional and impressive letter that compels the candidates for accepting internship offer.

How to write an Effective Internship Offer Letter

Follow the simple guidelines for writing an internship offer letter:

  • Addressing the recipient

Make sure that your letter starts with addressing the recipient of the letter. This should include the name and address of the recipient along with the date. All of this information should come in the left hand side corner of the letter on the top.

  • Greetings

The next thing to include in the letter is professional greetings. The most common and simplest way of doing so is by starting the letter with “Dear” followed by the name of the recipient.

  • Mention the company’s name and position

The first and the foremost line of the offer letter for internship should include the name of the company along with the position for which the internship is along with concerning department. This should also include the branch or the city for the offer letter is.

  • Include details about the profile

Mention the details about the date of internship when it is expected to start, the duration of the internship and the schedule that is expected to be followed by the internee while working at the position. Make sure that the offer letter also includes whether the internship is paid or unpaid. Also mention the person to whom the candidate is supposed to report.

  • Include any next step for hiring

In case, there are any tests like background check etc. are required for the hiring process to get completed then you must include them in the letter. Do not forget to mention the important documents that the candidate is required to submit on the first day of the working before starting with the internship.

  • Legal Terms

Sometimes some companies have some legal disclosures that must be included next in the letter. This part is optional and includes the confidentiality agreement, if there are any.

  • Mention of full extent of internship agreement

The next important thing to include in the internship offer letter is the statement expecting the candidate to honor all the terms mentioned in the letter. It must also include a statement that highlights that any chances in the internship must be included in the agreement in writing to avoid any conflict.

  • Include contact details

Do not forget to include the contact information in case the internship candidate wishes to get in touch with any questions in relation with the offer letter. The contact details can be of the hiring manager, HR manager or the supervisor. The contact details must include the contact person’s name and designation, phone number, email etc.

  • Professional closure

Make sure that you close the letter by using a salutation like “Sincerely” followed by the name of the person who is writing the letter. Also include the professional title of the person.

  • Acceptance section

The last thing to include in the letter is the acceptance section. It should include the statement of the intern candidate that he or she accepts the terms and offers mentioned in the letter. It should include the name of the candidate followed by the space to sign and date the offer.

  • Check for errors

Before submitting the letter, make sure that you have checked for any kind of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Proof read is any important part of any letter and must be kept in mind.

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