How to Write a Guardianship Letter (with Example)

Temporary Guardianship Letter Sample format
Guardianship Letter Example

A guardianship letter is a legal and binding document that allows the parents or guardians to transfer the guardianship of a child temporarily. The letter gives the rights of a legal guardian of the child to the grandparents or close friends or relatives for the time period the parent(s) are away.

This post contains How to write a guardianship letter tips, guardianship letter format and sample and writing a temporary guardianship letter.

How to Write a Guardianship Letter

Following are some tips to write a guardianship letter that you can use as a template to draft your guardianship letter.

  • The letter should be addressed to the person who is being granted the child’s temporary guardianship.
  • Mention your name, the child’s name and residential details and the guardians’ name, residential details and phone number.
  • State the reason for writing the letter giving the permission to the recipient to have guardianship of the sender’s child or children for the mentioned duration.
  • The letter should include all the rights and boundaries that the guardian can exercise and should not violate, respectively. The reason for the transfer of the guardianship should also be stated.
  • All the details about the child or children’s school, medical details, travel and other things that are required should be mentioned.
  • The parent or parents should go through the state laws before determining the rights and decisions of the guardian before mentioning them explicitly.
  • The contact details and of the parent or parents should be stated. The pediatrician’s and the dentist’s name, clinic or hospital center details and contact information should be listed. The letter should also mention that a copy of the guardianship letter has been submitted to both the doctors’ clinics.

Guardianship Letter Sample Format and Template

Hannah Grey

356 Street no. 23

San Jose, California

July 16, 2022

Williams and Elizabeth Grey

601, Twin Towers


Re: Temporary guardianship of child, Kaira

From July 25, 2022, I, Hannah Grey gives temporary custody of her daughter, Kaira Grey, to grandparents Williams and Elizabeth Grey. I will be in San Francisco from the date mentioned above due to a job transfer. I will not be able to provide care and meet the needs of my child for the time period.

This document is a legal bondage that gives my parents the right to obtain medical facilities and take any decisions concerning the needs of my child for the period.

Hereby, in good faith, I hand over the custody of my child, Kaira, to her grandparents, Williams and Elizabeth Grey.

The address of the apartment I will be staying in is 704, Street no. 90, San Francisco. The new phone number that I will be using is +1 (123) 9876543.

The child’s pediatrics doctor is Dr. James Stuart and serves in Care So Hospital, Harbor Road, San Jose. The phone number of his clinic is +1 (456) 7890123. The child’s dentist is Dr. Harry Polka and his clinic is on the Seventh Street, San Jose and the phone number of his clinic is +1 (123) 456789. This letter has been filed in both the clinics.

Yours Sincerely

Hannah Grey


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