Sample Letter of Recommendation Residency Letter

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To Whomsoever It May Concern:


With immense pleasure, I recommend Ms. Celina Fernandez for your residency program.


Celina has been our student and has graduated this year in ‘Epidemiology’ from ‘Trafford Medical College’.

She had a degree in ‘Microbiology’ before she enrolled in this college. She obtained good marks in all her academics.

Apart from her Master’s in our institute, she was working as a research associate at the prestigious ‘McGuire University’. Additionally, she was offering her services to the State Health Department part time.

She was very active and highly talented. She participated in all students’ conference and raised important issues for student welfare.

Celina Fernandez is a multi talented person with wide knowledge in medical sciences. I am very confident that she would hugely contribute to her field in the coming years.

She is a fast learner, professional and sincere person. She is the right candidate for your Residency program.

Thanks for your consideration.



Prof .Ray Marshall
H.O.D – Epidemiology

Trafford Medical College

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