Resignation Letter to Company Letter

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Mr. Juan Price

Superior Medications

Enfield – EN12 5LJ

07th March 2012

Dear Mr. Price,

Please accept this as my official resignation letter from the position of ‘Corporate Sales Manager’ in Superior Medications.

Fulfilling the company rules for resignation, I am serving an advance notice period of one month, ending on 06th April, 2012.

My notice period allows sufficient time in my hands to efficiently complete all the pending assignments on my desk and assist my successor to take over this position.

I would like to share it with you that I have been offered a position of ‘Vice President – Marketing’ in a company, and I feel that this opportunity will ease my journey of climbing the corporate ladder.

I honestly extend my gratitude to you and this company that is a great workplace for employees. I came across many learning experiences here and I really appreciate the support of my colleagues during my tenure.

I wish this company all the best for the future.

Please feel free to contact me for any information regarding the projects I was working on.

Thank you.


Margaret Stevens

(Corporate Sales Manager)

Superior Medications

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