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Colleague Appreciation

Write a Appreciation Email for Employee Format & Template

by emily on April 8, 2023

When an employee works hard and does his or her best at their job then in such a scenario it is very important to appreciate the employee for their work and the dedication he or she has impressed you with. It is significant that you express all of this through words. Therefore, writing an appreciation email is highly recommended.

In this post, we have come up with an appreciation email for employee. This employee appreciation email example can be used by customizing it as per your need.

Appreciation Email Format for Employee

Dear Ana,

I really appreciate all the extra hours that you had put in for designing the itinerary of my impromptu trip to Paris and made all the arrangements in such a short notice.

You have always been that kind of support at work with whom I can trust with anything and once again you have proved me right. I must say that all the arrangements and bookings that you had made were flawless and made my stay comfortable and convenient so that I could focus on my work.

Once again, I would like to thank you for taking caring of the Paris trip and making it happen even at such a short notice.


Bell Smith


Zenith Technologies

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Appreciation Email to Colleague Sample Format

by emily on March 30, 2023

Appreciation Email to Colleague Example
Appreciation Email to Colleague

You are truly fortunate if you have a colleague who is always there to support you at work in different ways and if you have one such then you must not miss a chance to appreciate him or her for the support he or she has extended to you. In such a case, writing an appreciation email to colleague is a wonderful gesture.

To help you with this, we bring to you an Employee Appreciation Email Format which you can use as per your requirement. Just follow and customize this employee appreciation email template to suit your needs the best.

Appreciation Email to Colleague

Dear Amanda,

I am writing this email to thank you from the bottom of my heart for filling up for me when I was not present at work. It truly means a lot to me because I had so many other things to take care of and I would not have been able to attend to them had you not been there like my strongest support at work.

I am aware that you had to stay at the office till late to generate all the reports and submit all the daily work to the manager but you have done all of this without disturbing me when I was on leave. It surely means a lot to me.

I would like to thank you again for taking care of all the things at work so that I did not have to worry at all.  I would be more than happy if I could be of help to you sometime in future.



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Sample Colleague Appreciation Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

Ms. Susan Garner

Sales Head

Good Life Means Pvt. Ltd.


279 Park Lane, Florida

November 12, 2011

Mr. Alex Gibbs

Sales Department

Good Life Means Pvt. Ltd.


279 Park Lane, Florida

Dear Mr. Gibbs,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the extra exertion you have given me in our last project.  It was exceptionally nice of you to lend your hand even though when you were not officially part of the project. Without your help, we would not have been able to accomplish the project within the time frame and with exceptional results.  We really needed more manpower in the project but due to budget issues we could not add another person on the team. Thank you for helping us. You have really taught us the meaning of being colleagues. Working in the same company really does call on us to give our help to others who are working on a different project even without additional pay.

Thank you and I wish you reap more and more success for your work.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. Susan Garner

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