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Congratulations on Employee on 5 Year Anniversary

by emily on June 15, 2012



(Date) will mark your fifth anniversary as a member of the (name of firm) We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for these past five years of fine workmanship and company loyalty.

We know that the growth and success of our company is largely dependent on having strong and capable staff members, such as yourself, and recognize the contribution you make in helping us maintain the position we enjoy in the industry.

We are hoping that you will remain with us for many years to come and would like to offer our congratulations on this anniversary. Best wishes.

Congratulations on Employee on 5 Year Anniversary

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I Have Been Better This Year Letter

by emily on May 3, 2012

Dear Santa Claus,
This Christmas I have been a very good [boy/girl]. Previous year, I know I was a very bad [boy/girl], and Mom and Dad said that’s why I didn’t get the presents I want. So this year I tried very hard to be good and do what grownups told me to do. I know I wasn’t perfect, but I tried my best to be better as compared to last year. Since Mom says I deserve an “A” for effort, would you please bring me my choice of presents this Christmas? I hope you have been watching, because I’ve been trying very hard. Please accept my request. Merry Christmas!


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