Reward For Great Grades Letter

123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code

February 17, 2012-02-12


[Mention Address of the Recipient Here]


You may have received the gold-plated report card I sent home [time you sent card]. Let me assure you that it was the result of meticulous hard work and sincere study, and there was no bribery or blackmailing involved in it. That said, I think the time has come to discuss a reward for this grand accomplishment, namely, [preferred reward]. I think a booming college [class year] should have something to show the globe that [his/her] success is appreciated. I’m sure you don’t want to stunt my social growth, do you? So let’s negotiate. I’ll look forward to your first offer. Waiting for your response.

Warm Regards

Bob Travolta

Encl: [List of enclosed items goes here]

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