Letter For Cancelling Slot at Exhibition Due to Financial Problems

Letter to Cancel Exhibition Slot due to Financial Problems
Sample letter for cancellation of Exhibition

Sometimes because of difficult financial situations, we have to cancel our plans and if you have booked a slot at exhibition and you wish to cancel the same because of financial problems then you must write a letter for the same. The Letter to Cancel Exhibition Slot due to Financial Problems is a simple Cancel program letter that helps you formally explain your situation while seeking cancellation.

In this post, we have come up with an example cancellation letter drafted for the situation. You can use this cancel letter format to formally draft a customized letter.

Letter Format to Cancel Slot at Exhibition Due to Financial Problems


Andy Smith

New Fashion Boutique


Date: May 31, 2022


Mr. Robert Gibbs


Hi-Life Exhibitions

New York

Sub: Regarding cancellation of exhibition slot

Dear Mr. Robert,

I, Andy Smith, am writing this letter to request for cancellation of slot which I had reserved for your Hi-Life Exhibition event at Hilton Hotel on June 4th, 2022.

On April 15th, 2022, I had reserved the slot number G-12 against a payment of $1,500 in the name of New Fashion Boutique. My boutique offers a vast collection of formal and wedding gowns that are exclusively handcrafted by artisans. When I had booked for event, things were all fine but just a week ago, an online theft took place at our store in California and that has resulted into serious financial problems.

Due to this incident, I am facing strict financial issues that I have to deal with on priority basis. There are various payments need to be made and they certainly come before participating in any exhibition.

I deeply regret all the inconvenience that will be caused to you and your team because of this cancellation. But I am hopeful that you will consider my situation and would accept this request for cancellation. Moreover, I would also like you to have my advance amount refunded that I had deposited at the time of making the reservation for the slot.

Participating in such a prestigious exhibition like yours was always a dream for me and missing on this opportunity to feature my collection has come as a big blow to me. I am really hopeful that once I am out of this tough time, I will be a part of your next exhibition in town.

Thanking you.


Andy Smith

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