Claim Settlement Offer Rejection Letter Sample – Tips

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Settlement offer rejection letter sample
Settlement Offer Rejection Letter

Settlements are for out of court agreements that focus on resolving any issue in a swift manner without the need of interference from court. But if the settlement offer that has been made is unacceptable then it can always be rejected by using a settlement offer rejection letter. The claim settlement offer rejection letter sample can be used in such a scenario.

In this post, we have come up with a format for rejecting settlement offer letter. You can use this Insurance settlement offer rejection letter sample for creating a customized letter.

Tips for Writing Claim Settlement Offer Rejection Letter

Here are some important tips that must be kept in mind while creating one such letter:

  • Always opt for a good formal business letter structure while writing such a letter.
  • While denying the settlement offer, you need to have enough source of information to put forward that rejection. It is always a good idea to have enough references before you pen down such a letter.
  • Always be very clear with your intentions. You must state in clear words that the offer made by them is not acceptable.
  • In case you have any requirements to be fulfilled, you must also mention them.
  • Do not use this letter to express wrath or make any allegations.
  • It is a good idea to consult your lawyer before you send the letter in order to get an honest and professional opinion.
  • Always retain a copy of the letter before you mail the original one to the other party.

Settlement Offer Rejection Letter Format


Richard Smith

54, New Town

New York

Date: May 24, 2022


Mr. Robin Brown

89, Howard Apartments

New York

Dear Mr. Robin,

I am writing this letter to inform you that the settlement offer that you had made to me over the phone call today on behalf of Mr. Ray of $3500 stands rejected from my end because this is too low an offer and I cannot accept it.

Based on your argument, the accident took place because of my fault but as per my statement as well as according to the video clip, I was standing on the signal waiting for it to go green and the other car just hit my vehicle from the back side and because of that the collision with the vehicle in the front happened. As a matter of fact, the onus of damaging both the vehicles falls on the car that had hit me.

Therefore, I am entitled for double the compensation as my vehicle got damaged from front and back and moreover, I also got involved in a collision with another vehicle without doing anything.

Just because I want this matter to get settled, I can make you a non-negotiable offer of $5500. Though the expense of the car repair can go beyond this value, I am still making this minimum offer to you so that the case comes to a closure.

Please respond to this letter within 15 days after receiving this letter with the response of Mr. Robert Ray.


Richard Smith

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