Inquiry About Phone Service And Equipment

123 Lane, Area 456, City, State, Pin Code May 19, 2012 (Mention Recipient’s Address Here) Hello, Our company is moving into a new location on (date), and need phones installed and operating by (date). Our basic requirements are as follows: – (number) extensions which roll over to a central line – (number) individual lines – … Read more

Equipment Maintenance Agreement

APPARATUS MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT   (Name of Organization) approves to offer maintenance service including up to two maintenance calls annually and interim calls as required at the installation address specified above on the apparatus listed. All charges specified are those currently in effect and are subject to change only at the time of subsequent yearly renewal. … Read more

Certificate of Installation Leased Equipment

CERTIFICATE OF INSTALLATION   The leased equipment in the Schedule of the lease between _________________________________ has been installed and is operational as of _____________. Rental payments shall begin as per written in the Paragraph (denote) hereof. ________________________ ___________________________ Installer Lessee By______________________ By_________________________   Title___________________ Title______________________  Certificate of Installation Leased Equipment