Leave Application for Urgent Work at Home From Office

If you have some urgency on the personal front and you are looking a leave from work then you must write an application for the same. This kind of a short leave application for urgent work must include the reason because of which you intend to work. In this post we have come up with … Read more

Leave Application for Urgent Personal Matters/ Reasons Sample

Sometimes we need to take an off from work for personal matters and in such situation, it is important to write a short leave application for urgent work to your manager. This Urgent Piece of Work Leave Application has to be a short and sweet letter which must include the important details. Here is the … Read more

Leave Request Letter for Attending Funeral

If there is a death in your family and you need to go for a funeral then you have to write a funeral leave letter to your manager for seeking the permission for the same. The Leave letter for Attending funeral ceremony is a simple letter that includes the number of days for which you … Read more

Return to Work after Maternity Leave Letter Sample 

Every company has different rules when it comes to maternity leave but whatever be the rules, if you have opted for maternity leave and you wish to return to work then you must write a return to work letter from employer to employee. This return to work after maternity leave letter is a simple letter … Read more

One Day Leave Application for Office for Personal Reason

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