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Art of Personal Letter Writing Etiquette | Letter Etiquette Rules

by emily on April 1, 2021

Art of Personal Letter Writing Etiquette, Letter Etiquette Rules, Tips
Art of Letter Writing Etiquette

With smart phones, gadgets and internet all around, the traditional method of letter writing seems to be a bygone gesture. But hang on, have it really gone extinct? Personal letters still have the beauty to bring smiles to the receiver. They are usually sent to from one individual to another to talk out issues quite informally. They normally include salutation, inquiries about a friend, news about what’s new in life and a very good closing. Some are apologies, some personal reference, congratulations, invitations and some condolences.

Here are the most important etiquette that need to be followed while writing a personal letter. Have a look at this art of Letter writing: 

Art of Personal Letter Writing Etiquette Tips and Guide

1. Mention your home address followed by the date at the upper right-hand corner of the first page. There is normally a one or two lines gap between the address and the date.

2. The body of the letter is normally a mixture of sentiments. They normally range from good or bad news, sharing of information, responds to questions asked or news shared etc. Try to keep the tone as positive as possible. Your letter must be able to bring smile to the recipient.

3. Personal letters are divided into different categories such as: Letters with news of misfortune and unhappiness that will leave the receiver worried and miserable; Letters with sharing gossips about someone’s trials and tribulations; and Letters where you pour your heart out.

4. Always end your personal letter in a positive tone. Wind up with complimentary closings such as ‘Sincerely’, ‘Sincerely yours’, ‘Very sincerely’, ‘Very sincerely yours’ etc. Other formal and more intimate closings will be ‘Kind(est) regards’, ‘Warm(est) regards’, ‘Cordially’, ‘Affectionately’, ‘Fondly’, ‘Love’ etc. If you are returning a favor, you my use ‘Gratefully’ and for the ones you are not too close, use ‘As always’ or ‘As ever’.

5. When it comes to signing your letter keep the following things in mind: Sign with your first and last name for someone you never met, Put your last name in parentheses if you have shared some talk over the phone, First name or nickname can be used if you know the recipient very well.

6. These are personal letters. Hence write everything from the heart. Sharing and complimenting help you build relationships and make it stronger. If you may, enclose memento of a shared experience for a better personal bond.

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Sample Personal Invitation Letter

by emily on February 22, 2012


Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Snipers,

25th Floor, High street,


Date: 28th June, 2012

Dear Snipers,

We are happy to announce that our daughter Anne will turn one this July. To celebrate the occasion, we have organized a birthday party on 11th July, 2012. It will be hosted at the Purple Kingdom, NY. Alongside, we are planning to arrange a fancy dress party for all the kids.

It would be great to see you gracing the party with your wife and children. Door to door cab service will be made available for the invitees, so that it does not cause any hassle to reach the venue on time.

We are looking forward to share a great time together. Please confirm your visit at the earliest so that we can arrange the cab route in accordance.

Kind regards,

Mr. and Mrs. Carla Bruney

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Art of Personal Letter Writing Etiquette

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