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Sample Permission Letter to Society for Internet Connection

by emily on November 25, 2021

Society permission letter format for internet connection
Society Permission Letter Format for Internet Connection

Not all societies and apartments allow installation of internet and therefore, in such a situation the residents or the tenants have to write a permission letter to society. The society permission letter for internet connection is a short and precise letter that seeks the permission for internet as well as states the reason that why it is so important. The permission letter format is quite simple and it must always address to the right person.

This post includes a sample letter to society for permission for internet connection. The request letter for new internet connection can be designed by following the format for permission letter to society for internet connection shared below.

Sample Letter Format to Society for Permission for Internet Connection


Michael Gibbs

B 404, Western Apartments

New York

Date: November 25, 2021


Ms. Dorothy Reynolds


Western Apartments

New York

Sub: Regarding permission for internet connection

Dear Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to request you to kindly grant the permission for installing internet connection on the rooftop of our block. As you are aware that after the pandemic, many companies have permanently allowed work from home to their employees and I work for one such organization. In this situation, I need a strong and stable connection so that my office work does not get hampered because of weak internet connection.

Therefore, I request you to please allow me to have an internet connection of higher bandwidth installed in our society so that myself and many other residents like me can enjoy smooth and stable internet speed while working from home.

Looking for a positive response from your side.


Michael Gibbs

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Sample Society Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


The Director,

Cooper City Housing Estate



Subject: Complaint against absence of ATM in the society campus

Dear Sir,

I am one of the new residents of your society. My husband travels abroad often on his official assignments, and I stay here with my son and widow mother-in-law. The estate is distant from the main city; and it becomes really taxing for collecting cash for daily expenses.

It is really not feasible to maintain a huge cash balance at home for days. Also, keeping all the bank locations in mind, there is not a single outlet in the nearest ten kilometers. We hereby request you to kindly give your consent for an ATM in our campus, so that it may relieve us from the daily inconvenience.

I believe I am not the lone sufferer. You must have received similar requests from other residents of our society as well. I am looking forward to your prompt action.


Erica Gomez

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