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Employee Non Compete Agreement Specific Radius

by emily on June 28, 2012


(Specific Radius)



FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, and in consideration of my being employed by _ (Organization), I, the undersigned, hereby agree that upon my termination of job and nonetheless the cause of termination, I shall not compete with the industry of the Organization, or its successors or assigns. The term “not compete” as mentioned in this agreement means that I shall not be involved directly or indirectly, as an owner, officer, director, employee, consultant, or stockholder, engage in a business substantially similar or competitive to the business of the organization.

This non-compete agreement shall extend only for a radius of _ miles from the present location of the Organization, and shall be in full force and effect for _ years, commencing with the date of employment termination.


Signed under seal this _ day of _, 20_.





Employee Non Compete Agreement Specific Radius


Offering Solution to Specific Problem Letter

by emily on April 13, 2012

123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code
23 February 2012

[Mention Recipient’s Address Here]


[Describe problem] [Offered solution of the problem]
I would appreciate if you want to discuss more [offer for next step], please feel free to call me at [phone number] or email me on [email id]. I will be happy to assist you [action].

Warm Regards,

Tim Williams
Encl: [List of enclosed items goes here]

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