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Sample How to write a Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012


Recommendation Letters

A recommendation letter or reference letter is written to confirm an individual’s skills, characters and accomplishments for different purposes. Recommendation letter is also written in favor of a business.


Types of Recommendation Letter – Educational Reference letter, Character reference letter and Job Reference letter.


1. Educational Reference Letter – An academic reference letter is required to get admission into a college or university. It is also written for scholarships. Many times, numeric scores alone cannot guarantee the admission. In fact, institutes simply use the grades for the screening process to cut down the number of applicants. In such a situation, an academic reference letter is extremely important for students.

2. Character Reference Letter – A well written character reference letter can help you for many different purposes. You may require this letter for academic admissions, a job, and an adoption, child custody, a membership in a club or association or to rent a house etc-etc. This letter highlights your personal traits and strengthens your application for all these purposes.

3. Job Reference Letter – Getting a job is not easy; no matter how talented you are as the competition is really tough. Today, Apart from a Resume and cover letter, it is also required to get an ‘Employment/Job reference letter’ to secure a job. This type of recommendation letter is usually written by the immediate senior person in a company.


How to write a Recommendation Letter

It is required to write such a letter on company or school/college letter-head mentioning designation of the writer.

When it comes to writing a recommendation letter, the first thing that comes here is that one should have known the concerned person for a reasonable time for referring or recommending them for any purpose. The writer should mention the duration they know the person for and how well they know the person.

A reference letter should state the credibility of the writer in the very beginning of a letter. In the start of a letter, the writer should state the relationship between them and the concerned person. Recommendation letters are written by people who are your immediate contact points in your educational institute, employment or other association. In many cases, recommendation letters can also be written by any person who knows you for a long time. For instance, your close neighbor may be asked to provide a reference/recommendation letter if you want to adopt a child.

After the introduction, the writer should emphasize on the attributes of the concerned person. The letter should have brief information about the accomplishments of the concerned person. Apart from professional or academic achievements, a letter should also state the personal traits of a person. It should mentioned specific examples that highlight the personal traits of a person. A ‘Character reference letter’ is a good example in which the main focus is on the personal qualities.

An important part of recommendation letter – the weaknesses. People get confused that whether to mention the weaknesses of a person or not. Well, the result depends on the addressee; a person may get impressed with the honesty shown in the letter, while some other person may take it seriously and decide against the concerned person. It all depends on the specific situation you are writing a letter for, so there is no ‘perfect answer’ to this concern.

While writing this type of letter, a writer should take enough time to choose words carefully and not make any mistake. Always provide your writer with the necessary documents that generally include –

  • Copy of your academic transcript – a photocopy is fine
  • Copy of your Resume informing everything about you
  • Copy of documents like experience certificates etc.
  • Any forms required to be submitted along with the letter


A recommendation letter should include the contact details of the writer. A cover letter works well along with a letter.

It is advised to sit & talk with the writer before a letter is written. A writer may miss something important in the letter that you specifically wanted in it. Provide all the information to the writer like the position you are applying for and your future goals etc.

The end part of a recommendation letter should repeat the recommendation for the person.

Following these guidelines ensures a great recommendation letter and serves your purpose.


Note – If the first person who is supposed to write a letter for you is not confident about writing an impressive letter, then it is better to seek an alternative as presenting a mild letter that competes with many other attractive letters can sometimes decrease your approval chances.

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Sample College Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012


Dr. Eva Duncan
Newton College
45, Larry St., Oxford – OX8 4JN


Mr. Denial Peters
The Principal
Maxwell Science University
132, 5th Crossing, D-Block,
London – SW4 3MJ

12th March, 2012


Dear Mr. Peters,

This is to certify that Steve Parson is a student of our institution, ‘Newton College’.

During his academic terms in the degree course of B.Sc., he completed many projects related to his field. And, he topped his class in every semester.

Steve is a very talented and ambitious student. After his graduation in three months from now, he wants to go for higher studies. He wants to complete his Masters from your prestigious university.

Steve is a brilliant student, but his financial condition is not really well, so I recommend him for your institute’s scholarship program. He really deserves it.

If you need any additional information about Steve Parson, please feel free to contact me.



Dr. Eva Duncan

Newton College

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Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012

Scholarship Recommendation Letter


Joel Ferias
Department of English,
Maxwell University
Chicago – 41526

Mr. Enrique Henry
Dr. Jefferson Scholarships
Chicago – 41523

April 17, 2012


Dear Mr. Henry,

I am writing in reference to your annual scholarships which is awarded to the meritorious students of the city of Chicago.

I would like to recommend my student, Kent Crawford for your annual scholarship program. I know him for the last three years, he is an outstanding performer.

Kent is a sincere student who is very dedicated to his studies. He always excelled in academics and always ranks higher in the class. He has won many awards for academics and extra-curricular activities in our institution.

He is always interested in helping & improving his friends and, uplifting them to the standards he has. He is a source of inspiration to others.

And, I am really impressed that despite the financial difficulties his family is facing, he has managed to reach this level. He is presently doing a part time job as a tutor.

He has so many qualities that give me confidence to recommend him for your scholarship program and, I know it well that he will make it worthwhile and it will add a new star to the flag of your institution.

So, please accept my recommendation to award the scholarship to this bright student, Kent Crawford and help him succeed in life.

Thanking you.


Joel Ferias
Maxwell University

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Sample Letter of Recommendation For Scholarship Letter

by emily on April 4, 2012


The Scholarship Department
Fr. Joseph Scholarships
London – YU8 4KJ

10th May, 2012


Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to recommend Mr. Franklin Hunter for your annual scholarship award. I know Franklin for the past three years as he is our student at ‘Thompson Arts College’.

He is very brilliant student and has good conduct.

Franklin is really a hard working and sincere person student who is self-motivated. He is very friendly and supports his friends.

He has maintained a good academic track record and he ranked 2nd last year. He has been actively participating in all academic and extra curricular activities. He has won many prizes at college functions.

He comes from a poor family, but still he managed to perform outstandingly. Presently, he works part time as a teacher. Despite his unstable financial condition, he is highly motivated to study ahead.

So, I recommend this talented student for your scholarship program.

Please consider his application and I am sure he will add value to your institute.



Jamie Fox
Thompson Arts College

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Sample Academic Letter

by emily on March 24, 2012

                                          Academic Award Winner Student


Contact [Contact details]

Time –


Headline –

Dateline – Date & Place of News Origin


[Student’s name] has been honored as one of most brilliant students of our country. He/she was awarded [award or scholarship] at the [place] on [date].

This [award or scholarship] is only given to a selected group of students who [state remarkable qualities here].

– [Describe award and its eligibility here] –

For further information, please contact [contact person] at [no. here].




[Association’s name]

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Sample Bursary Application Letter

by emily on February 8, 2012


The Office of the Bursar

Global College for Computers

West Dakota, IL

California 459876

Dear Sir,

Sub: Request for grant of Scholarship.

Ref: Scholarship Grant No. 12/2011 dated 12th Jan’ 11.

I, James Anderson, student of MBA Final Year in your College would like to request you to grant me scholarship. I completed my First Semester Exam with 3.4 GPA. I was also awarded a Scholarship in the First Year due to my financial circumstances and high academic grades.

I would be highly obliged if you could grant me scholarship for my final year of college also. Also, Please find my mark sheets of first semester exams and Income certificate of my parents.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

James Anderson


Marks Sheet of First Semester Exam

Government approved Income Certificate of Parent

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Sample Prize Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Ms. Mitchell Thomas


Black Magic Arts

Lexington, Kentucky

November 16, 2012


Dear Ms. Thomas,

I am Ann Ruth, the principal of ‘High Esteem School’. Our college supports the education of the poor and needy children. We run our operations through financial aids given by big hearted people.

I am writing this letter to tell you that we have our annual festival on the 30th of this month. Every year, at this event, our meritorious students are awarded with scholarships to help them continue their higher education. And, we collect funds through donations to award them scholarships. I cordially invite you to this event and, I request you to donate some amount of money for this good purpose. I would be very grateful to you if you show your support to our students.

You can make your donations in the name of our school.

I look forward to your arrival at our annual festival.

Thanks for your consideration and your time.



Thanks and regards,

Ann Ruth


‘High Esteem School’

Roger Pl., Lexington

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Sample Event Charity Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

12th January 2012,

Mr. David Brown,


45th Surf Street,


Chicago Illinois.

Dear Brown,

The Sunshine Group is organizing a charity event on 24th January 2012 to collect donations and raise money for supporting orphan children.  We are inviting most of celebrities from New York and also across the country. The fund raised will be used to benefit the orphans and in providing scholarships to poor and needy students.

The Sunshine Group had organized such events earlier also for funeral and health care expenses. Such events provides individual an opportunity who are willing to donate and help the society. The funds will also benefit The Chicago Foundation for Women, a cause committed in motivating women by providing them tools needed to support them. We will be organizing the stalls, you can donate through the purchase of accessories that you may need and we will contribute the funds for the cause.

Your attendance is your donation. Please join for an evening for a good cause. Looking forward to spending a good evening with you.

Yours Faithfully,


The Sunshine Group.

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Sample Charity Donation Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011


Mr. Sean Peterson,

Managing Director,

IIS Group


Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am Emma Watson and I am the principal of Kelley School of education. We are a school with strength of five hundred.

We at Kelley help students who cannot afford fees with scholarships every year. The scholarship is named after the person or company that sponsors that amount. According to budget of the person or the company, we have categories of sponsorship options to choose from. We organize a function annually where we announce and present these scholarships to the needy children. I would like to request you to help us as per your convenience whichever category you want to choose. Your small help can help a child fulfill his big dreams. I would be glad to send a volunteer to your place for further correspondence.

Thanking you in advance.

Warm Regards,

Emma Watson,


Kelley School of education

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Sample Charity Sponsorship Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011


Mr. Frank Duffrence,


QMC Group


Dear Mr. Duffrence,

I am Joan Berkeley and I am a student of Bio-Science at the University of Florida. I am writing this letter to you for helping me with providing a scholarship for my college. Our family has a low economic background and with my hard work I have secured a seat at this prestigious university.

I would like to request you to provide me with your little help. I am aware that you sponsor education of students who have the zeal to learn but are not able to due to financial circumstances. I am applying for the same. Please fund my education this time and I assure you that I will not disappoint you. I have been an excellent bright student throughout my academics and I am a dedicated student as you can see from my grades. I am enclosing a copy of all my mark-sheets and other necessary documents. Kindly consider my request. I would greatly appreciate your executing this request at your earliest convenience.

Thanks and regards,

Joan Berkeley ,

M: 9547998245

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