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Sample School Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Garcia

52, Max Heights

Pamela Dr.

Norman, Oklahoma

August 25, 2012


Dear Mr. Garcia,

I am Bill Morrison, writing on behalf of the ‘Generous Hearts’ charity foundation. We undertook the construction of ‘Good Care’ Hospital in your locality last year.

This hospital is now running fine and serving the poor who cannot afford the bills of big private hospitals.

After this project, we are now planning to build school for the underprivileged children near your area. And, we seek donations to accomplish this project. We remember that you donated a large amount of money for our hospital last year and we hope that you will help us this time too.

We request you to contribute to this noble cause with any amount you think right for this new project. Your generous help will be used to educate the poor children and shape their future the right way and I am sure you will definitely want to be a part of this great cause.

I want to tell you that we never mind any of our donors checking our accounts for whatsoever doubts – we are always open for an audit, anytime. We never misuse the financial aid sent our generous donors.

So, I look forward to your donations for this new school project undertaken by our foundation.

Thanks for your consideration & time.



Bill Morrison

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Sample School Project Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 28, 2012

Mr. Aaron Long


New Altitude Inc,

Hayward City, C.A. – 45213


August 21, 2012


Dear Mr. Long,

I am Anthony Howard, from the ‘Bright Buds High School’, Hayward city.

Last month, our school faced a tragic event – a part of the school building caught fire because of defective electrical wiring.

The incident caused serious damage to many rooms of our school. It affected the furniture, lab equipments, and many other things.

At present, our institution is facing financial problems. We do not have enough funds to carryout the renovation of the school building. There is a lot of work that needs to be done – we need to construct some part of the building, replace the damaged equipment and buy new furniture as well. The restoration of the building alone will cost a high amount.

Therefore, we are raising funds for our school. We are seeking help from the entire school alumni for any kind of support that you offer.  If the building remains in its current condition, then the education of the students would be directly affected as it is not possible to accommodate all of them.

So, please help us restore this school as it was before this unfortunate incident. Your donation will help save the current year of the students.


Thank you.


Anthony Howard



Bright Buds High School

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Sample Solicitation Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 27, 2012

Ms. Emma White

527, New Town St.

New Castle, New South Wales – 2300



Dear Ms. White,

This is Harold Owens, representing ‘Open Hands Charitable Society’.

I am writing this letter to you to seek financial donations for supporting a High School located in your community.

We run this school for the poor with the help of donations & other help that we receive from various sources. Presently, we are raising funds for buying uniforms and text books for the underprivileged students.

We believe that education should be the basic right of every child, and we are making our share of efforts to make it possible, but we always have to seek support from people like you as we are a non-government organization.

We are appealing you to contribute to this noble cause. You can donate any amount that you think is right for this cause. This small action of yours is hugely beneficial to the poor children around you.

We thank you for your kind attention and look forward for your help.

You can reach us at 564-854-5264, or you can also email us at our id given on our website.


Your immediate action will be hugely beneficial for the children.


Thanks & Regards,

Harold Owens



Open Hands Charitable Society

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Sample Prize Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Ms. Mitchell Thomas


Black Magic Arts

Lexington, Kentucky

November 16, 2012


Dear Ms. Thomas,

I am Ann Ruth, the principal of ‘High Esteem School’. Our college supports the education of the poor and needy children. We run our operations through financial aids given by big hearted people.

I am writing this letter to tell you that we have our annual festival on the 30th of this month. Every year, at this event, our meritorious students are awarded with scholarships to help them continue their higher education. And, we collect funds through donations to award them scholarships. I cordially invite you to this event and, I request you to donate some amount of money for this good purpose. I would be very grateful to you if you show your support to our students.

You can make your donations in the name of our school.

I look forward to your arrival at our annual festival.

Thanks for your consideration and your time.



Thanks and regards,

Ann Ruth


‘High Esteem School’

Roger Pl., Lexington

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Sample Receipt Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mrs. Rita Watson

Maxmuller Housing Ltd.

43, Green Palms Dr.,

Tampa, Florida

April 18, 2012


Dear Mrs. Watson,

I am Dorothy Robertson, writing on behalf of the ‘Word of the God’ foundation, to hearty thank you for the donation you sent to build a school for the poor children.

We are grateful to receive a check of $2000 from your side for supporting this good cause of school construction for the underprivileged children.

We sincerely appreciate your monetary help to support our cause. It is few of you good people that realize the importance of such social causes and come forward with their support.

I am enclosing a receipt for the donation you have sent to us. In case you have any questions regarding the developments of the project you are supporting for, please feel free to contact us anytime.



Dorothy Robertson

‘Word of the God’


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Sample Library Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012

Ms. Miguel Richards


Thoughtful Minds Library

San Jose, California

March 16, 2011


Dear Ms. Richards,

I am David Peterson, the director of ‘Clear View Publishers’, writing this letter to donate 200 science books to your library for the help of needy students.

Our company is into publishing for the past ten years and we have been donating books to schools & other institutions for the students who cannot afford to buy new books to study.

This year, we are donating our books to libraries that do not charge or, charge very nominal to students for their books and your library is one of them.

Books are the first keys to knowledge and donating books is our way to share our success with the society and, a public library like yours is a great place to make them easily accessible for all the needy students.

We hope many students will get benefited through these books.



Mr. David Peterson

Clear View Publishing House

San Jose, California

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Sample Contribution Donation Letter

by emily on January 16, 2012


Mrs. Maria Stevens

‘Save Children’ Group

Tucson, Arizona

October 16th, 2012


Dear Mrs. Maria Stevens,


I am Sarah Joseph, and I am replying to your letter regarding donation for a school construction in my area.

I really appreciate the efforts you are making and as a gesture of my admiration, please accept this check of $1000 enclosed with this letter. I really take interest in these kinds of noble causes, and you can approach me for any kind of help in the future too.

Please feel free to contact me for any kind of help, you may need ahead with this project.



Sarah Joseph

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Sample College Donation Letter

by emily on January 16, 2012


Mr. Brian Smith


Right View Organization,

Lubbock, Texas

August 18, 2012


Dear Mr. Smith,

I am John Morrison, secretary of the ‘Green Light’ group that works for the poor and the needy people. We build schools and colleges across the country to help people get educated.

Presently, we are facing financial problems for our proposed plans – new libraries at two of our institutions.

We have completed more than 50% of the structure at both the institutions, but now we are falling short of the required funds to complete the projects. If we don’t get the funds we need for these libraries, then we will have no choice, but to stop our projects uncompleted.

We have contact many other groups for donation to complete the constructions. Now, we request you to donate for this good cause.

Please send in your donations in the name of the Green Light Trust.


Thanks and regards,

John Morrison


Green Light Trust

Palm Dr., Lubbock

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Sample Christmas Donation Letter

by emily on January 3, 2012

Ms. Nancy Harris


M/s Femina Groups

December 19, 2012

Mr. Jill Jones


M/s Femina Groups

Dear Mr. Jones,

Christmas Greetings!

I am writing to you because I want to donate 100 reference books in Science and Computer Science to the school library this December. This Christmas I want to donate few books as celebrating the spirit of giving this Christmas and also by this I can thank the school for giving the citizens of this country quality and accessible education.

I am a graduate of this school and I can say that I learned a lot from the institution. The few years I spent as a student here were wonderful years and full of learning experiences and I always remember them. I realized that the school had prepared me really well to face the challenges in the real world after I finally landed a job after graduation.

Merry Christmas to all!

Yours Faithfully,

Ms. Nancy Harris

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Sample Charity Donation Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011


Mr. Sean Peterson,

Managing Director,

IIS Group


Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am Emma Watson and I am the principal of Kelley School of education. We are a school with strength of five hundred.

We at Kelley help students who cannot afford fees with scholarships every year. The scholarship is named after the person or company that sponsors that amount. According to budget of the person or the company, we have categories of sponsorship options to choose from. We organize a function annually where we announce and present these scholarships to the needy children. I would like to request you to help us as per your convenience whichever category you want to choose. Your small help can help a child fulfill his big dreams. I would be glad to send a volunteer to your place for further correspondence.

Thanking you in advance.

Warm Regards,

Emma Watson,


Kelley School of education

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